Ningbo Yinzhou Powerlong One Mall

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Project start: October 14, 2019
Project Location: Intersection of South Ningnan Road and Middle Tai'an Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
Scope of BIM implementation: above-ground commercial, basement

Project Overview: With a total construction area of 540,000 square meters, it covers 180,000 square meters of high-end shopping centers, 210,000 square meters of urban luxury residences, and more than 200 meters of landmark twin tower office buildings. It is the most high-end complex in the central area of Yinzhou and the second Baolong city in the country.
BIM application points: review the construction drawings and drawings, check and fill in the gaps, and improve the quality of the construction drawings; through Dynamo to write a small program for beams and net corrections, and use the coloring scheme of the revit view to generate the net height analysis drawing; after the verification of each special project, through the comprehensive optimization of the Revit 
three-dimensional pipeline, the two-dimensional pipeline comprehensive drawing, the hole and the split drawings of each specialty; auxiliary nodes, output three-dimensional animations, views, three-dimensional visualization disclosure; curtain wall models and steel structures, The main model runs a collision analysis to identify collision points and assist the curtain wall company in making construction drawing modifications.

Project Scale:
Building land area: 121,124m2
Total construction area: 540,468.72m2
Above-ground commercial area: 88,600m2
Above-ground office area: 120,100m2
Residential basement area: 50,452m2
Commercial basement area: 124,890m2
Commercial mall + super high-rise commercial office total: 333,590m2

1. BIM model
(Above-ground electromechanical)
(Above-ground civil construction)
(Underground Civil Construction)
(Civil Engineering + electromechanical + Landscape)

2. Design stage
Auxiliary curtain wall deepening design
          Index view of the curtain wall plan             BIM technology is used to assist in the detailed design of curtain wall

Collision check >> 
 Collision 1: The position of the curtain wall steel structure column conflicts with the position of the cooling tower 
Collision 2: The cooling tower equipment collides with the curtain wall steel frame

3. Construction drawing design stage
Pipeline comprehensive splitting drawing (after the completion of each special optimization, the three-dimensional pipeline comprehensive optimization is carried out through Revit, and the two-dimensional pipeline comprehensive drawing, hole retention and various professional splitting drawings are issued)
4. Walkthrough animation
Visualization software is used to complete indoor and outdoor roaming animation production, and assist designers in communication and reporting

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