Powerlong Xiamen Tong'an Xuhui City

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Land area: 161590.00m2
Construction unit: Powerlong Real Estate Holdings Limited
In addition to the commercial mall, the construction of the Tong'an Baolong Xuhui City project with a total construction area of more than 650,000 square meters also includes 33 residential buildings, 1 kindergarten and 1 bus station, as well as a day care center for the elderly and a fresh supermarket. At present, residential, commercial malls, bus stations and some supporting projects are under construction simultaneously.

In the early stage of the project, BIM technology is used to carry out comprehensive pipeline layout and collision inspection to ensure that problems can be found in time and digested and modified in the internal audit stage before the external audit. It improves the efficiency of drawing review and shortens the subsequent revision time

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